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TWP 100 Series

TWP 100 Series Stain 

TWP 100 Stain Preservative for Wood and Decks

Available TWP 100 Series Colors:

  • 101 Cedartone (Top Color!)
  • 102 Redwood
  • 115 Honeytone (Most Natural Color)
  • 116 Rustic
  • 120 Pecan
  • 105 Cape Cod Gray
  • 106 Prairie GrayBuy TWP 100 Series Deck Stains

TWP 100 Series is the Workhorse of the TWP Wood Preservative Line.

Manufactured for 25 Years and a leader in the Deck and Wood Staining Industry!

TWP 100 Series Deck Stain Colors

TWP 100 Series Exterior Wood and Deck Preservative

TWP 100 Series, manufactured by Gemini Coatings has been a EPA registered exterior wood preservative for close to 25 years. TWP 100 Series contains unique ingredients such as natural and synthetic oils, mildewcides, and trans oxides which protect protects all exterior wood from weather damage.

TWP 100 Series Features

  • Dives deep into the wood for 100% penetration.
  • Available in 7 semi-transparent colors and Clear: Cedartone, Honeytone, Rustic, Redwood, Pecan, Cape Cod Gray, Prairie Gray.
  • Absorbs UV prolonging the oxidation (graying) of the wood.
  • Enhances natural colors while shedding water from rain and snow.
  • Can be applied to Exterior Decking, Wood Framed Houses, Log Cabins, Wood Fencing, Exotic Hardwoods, etc
  • Prevents Algae, Mildew, and Mold
  • Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a wood preservative.

Please Note:

TWP 100 Series is not compliant in all states.

A powdered concentrated wood and brightener kit. Each Gemini RAD Lit can clean and brighten up to 1000 sq.feet. Consisting of a Step 1 Wood and Deck Cleaner that deeply cleans your wood and a Step 2 Wood Brightener that "brightens" the wood while neutralizing the cleaner.


TWP 100 Wood and Deck Stain


TWP 100 Series Authorized Dealer

TWP 100 Series Authorized Dealer

TWP 100 Series Technical Info

Gallon Sizes: 1's & 5's
Coverage Per Gallon: 100-200 square feet
Coats  Required: 2 Coats. "Wet on Wet"
Temperature: 45-95 F
Application Tools: Pad, Sprayer, Brush, Roller
Dry Time: 4-24 Hours
Cleanup: Mineral Spirits